Welcome to the Meadows Village Pub

Neighborhood Pub Where Everyone Knows Your Name

01 - Welcome

We’re a local neighborhood pub that is passionate about great cocktails, delicious food, and genuine hospitality.
We also host private events—please contact service@meadowsvillagepub.com all inquiries.

We Offer Friendly Service Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Welcome to the Meadows Village Pub

When it comes to unwinding after a long day or catching up with friends, there’s nothing quite like your favorite local pub. A neighborhood pub is not just a place to grab a drink – it’s a community hub where friends gather and stories are shared.  But how do you find the perfect neighborhood pub that checks all the right boxes? You just found it!

04 - The Menu

Live Music & Special Events

Great Location with Free Parking

A Relaxing Atmosphere

When you step into our local neighborhood pub, one of the things that sets us apart from other establishments is the atmosphere. A relaxing atmosphere can make all the difference in creating an enjoyable experience for our customers. 

Location, location, location!

When searching for a neighborhood pub, proximity is key. You want a place that’s a short drive from your home. Convenience is everything when you’re looking to unwind without the hassle of a long commute. We have plenty of Free Parking, after all, no one wants to spend half their evening trying to find a parking spot for their car!

Regular Customers

One telltale sign that you’ve found yourself in an exceptional neighborhood pub is the presence of regular customers! These familiar faces are not just our patrons; they’re part of what makes The Meadows Village Pub a place that feels like home. Observing locals engaged in lively conversations or sharing laughs over drinks indicates a sense of community.

Friendly Staff

When you walk into your local pub, there’s nothing quite like being greeted by warm smiles and friendly faces behind the bar. Our staff will of attentive servers genuinely care about providing top-notch service.

Meadows Vilage Pub


Join us at the Meadows Village Pub for a very special Charity Fundraising Event

4-7pm — Silent Auction & Raffle

7-10pm — Charles Parker Band

Specials include Shephards Pie, a traditional Irish Corned Beef Cabbage Dinner, Green Beer, and Irish Wisky.